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BS4W Women Asset Club

…helping women create and sustain multiple income streams.  

Are you looking for the perfect way to grow your financial worth?

Do you want to  dip your toes into diverse investment opportunities?

Welcome to the BS4W Women Asset Club

At BS4W Asset Club, we are passionate about helping women develop multiple income streams, so they can maximise their resources to achieve the lifestyle they deserve and give back to their communities.

How can you increase your income streams…

We handpick income streams that will boost your bank balance and also help you plan for the future.

Whether you are looking for a low-risk or group investment, we will make a variety of options available to you.  

Importing business, Property Investment, Product Development,  Drop Shipping, Car Park Investment , Crowdfunding and other sources are all available for you.  






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Request for Information

Request for Information

Create your own Economy and Secure Your Future!!!

“Never depend on a single income.

Make investment to create a second source.”  

Warren Buffet.

With the rising cost of living, it’s imperative that we invest, preferably with the lowest risk possible, to generate the highest yielding returns we can.

High rates of return on your investments are wonderful because you don’t have to invest as much capital to reach your investing goals. Yet the higher return you want, the more risk you take to get it.

As you near retirement, or your high school senior is about to enter college, your appetite for risk drops precipitously. You simply cannot afford to see a huge drop in the market right before the time you need to begin withdrawing funds from the investment accounts for retirement or college bills.

Risk lies at the core of all investments. This notion reminds me of the first time I stood at the top of the high dive at the rec center pool. I was a nervous wreck. I never realized how afraid of heights I was until that moment. Many who never invested before have this same apprehensive feeling.  

Larry Light

Do not leave your future to chance, make your money work for you. Request for more information about the investment options we have available now.